The System is a 2014 Pakistani Urdu-language action drama film, directed by Norway-based Shahzad Ghufoor,[2] produced by Ghafoor Butt of Leos Productions (Norway). Nadeem Baig, Shafqat Cheema, Irfan Khoosat, and Nayyar Ejaz play the lead roles.

The film is set in a neighbourhood in Lahore and telescopes out from the everyday lives of a middle-class family to expose local corruption.[


The story is about a lower middle class boy Haider Ali (Sheraz) who is the son of a Pesh Imam (Nadeem Baig). He is in love with his neighborhood girl Sara (Kashaf Ali). Haider’s uncle (Irfan Khoosat) is a normal government officer who does not consider taking bribes to be a sin. Haider gets hooked by the local SHO (Shafqat Cheema) in a mob firing case. Ultimately after getting away with this case, Haider´s life takes a drastic change. Haider now sees the bigger and bitter picture of the current system, and how it affects everybody. He decides to do something about this system, and in the process, his education, family, friends and love are at stake.[


  • Sheraz Ghufoor as Haider Ali
  • Kashaf Ali – Sara
  • Nadeem Baig – Pesh Imam (Haider’s father)
  • Irfan Khoosat – Haider’s uncle
  • Shafqat Cheema – corrupt SHO
  • Nayyar Ejaz – corrupt minister
  • Mariyam Ali Hussiain – dancer
  • Ejaz Hussain Bugti
  • Rabia Tabassum
  • Sufian Bhatti
  • Saleem Shah
  • Saima Saleem
  • Saira


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