What is the Tamil Rockers website?
TamilRockers is a Piracy website that is providing full copyrighted content like latest movies, web series, TV shows, music videos and majorly south India (Tamil) movies.

This site is popular among fans of south Indian film. This is like the desi version of a very popular website; Pirate bay. The site allows their users to search and download any copyrighted content with the support of magnetic hyperlinks and torrent files followed by a peer to peer file sharing system.

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Tamilrockers was set in 2011 and afterward, they turned into a public torrent website that links to pirated Indian films and television shows. Largely all films were uploaded in their launch date. And they relate to all of the replicated Hall-printed films, Hollywood dubbed pictures, Tamil dubbed pictures for their site.

Why Tamil Rockers are blocked?

Tamil Rockers-owned websites, including tamilrockers.com, tamilrockers.me, tamilrockers.co and tamilrockers.ac, were blocked by search engine Google after police arrested five admins of the domains. However, tamilrockersss.com is still available on one of the leading search engines. Tamil Rockers offers pirated South Indian movies on its websites. It appears that the group changed the domain to tamilrockersss.com after other of their domains got blocked.

Google blocked domains owned by Tamil Rockers. The development was followed by arrests of the group members. The arrested men are accused of uploading pirated South Indian movies on websites. The accused also include members of DVD rockers and have been identified as Villupuram native Karthi, his accomplice Suresh, TNRockers owner Prabhu, DVD Rockers owner Tirunelveli native Johnson and his accomplice Maria John.

Tamil Rockers’ Men in Police Net:

The arrests of Tamil Rockers‘ members took place after the police began tracking an email which had mentioned a connection with piracy websites. A Haryana-based advertisement company had sent a mail to one Akhil, arrested in a similar case in 2016. The mail, according to the reports, had mentioned having ties with the Tamil Rockers. “We got the information about Tamilrockers through this ad company,” anti-piracy cell SP Prasanthan told The News Minute.

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The investigation revealed that members of Tamil Rockers and DVD Rockers have together bought 19 domains online where they allegedly released new films in case of the police block one. Tamil Rockers reportedly earned over Rs 1 crore in the last few months through piracy.

Tamilrockers Site Cannot Be Completely Blocked Or Deleted

Tamil cinema is getting constantly problems from Tamilrockers in the form of piracy, and the Tamil Film Producers Council has been trying their level best, to bring down the activities of the site, through their Anti – Piracy team.

During the interview, On being asked if it is possible to completely block Tamilrockers, Shiva replied in the negative. He explained, “To be frank, it is not possible to delete or block Tamilrockers completely. The reason why they change their domains like, from .gr to .tw, or something, is because we take down every domain that they host.

We can form teams and work towards deleting every domain, but there is no possibility of completely taking down the website, because, just like how we take down a website, through a technology and coding, the same way, they host a site, with technology and coding. So, there is an equal amount of technology implemented from their side too, and it isn’t possible to completely take down Tamilrockers.

We can temporarily block, but in the long term, there is no access for that. We, along with Producers Council, are trying to cut down their activities, and we block each domain that they host. We can cut down the number of downloads from 100 to 10, and stop 90 other people from downloading. We can also delay the download speed time of a movie. Say, if a movie usually takes some 30 minutes – 1 hour to completely download, we can delay it up to 2 days or 3 days.

It is practically not possible to track down the place from where the website is hosted, because, when a person hosts a website, he will have to register it with a mobile number and an email id, but here, both of those details are wrong and fake. So, we can’t trace them that way.


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