Royal News TV

is considered one of the favorite, promising channels of Pakistan operating in Lahore, Pakistan. Basing in Lahore Royal News TV, it is owned by Royal media network and its chairman is Mian Abdul Ghafoor Wattoo. The motto of Royal news HD live is to gather all the news about the recent affairs and happening in Lahore and other cities of the country spreading them all over Pakistan to keep its viewers updated. Nowadays print media is less common among people, and they prefer getting all the news about different recent incidents live through electronic media or online. Royal news TV Lahore not only provides royal news HD live streaming but also provides the public with the option of watching royal news HD live online. So you can know about any happening event whenever you want.

Royal News TV Lahore is trustworthy. People usually complain about not getting the exact and accurate news, so Royal News TV is the best option for all of them. It provides with all the correct news along with the detailed and comprehensive analysis of all the facts and figures assuring that no fake news should be streaming live. Apart from all the news about incidents and happenings all around Lahore Royal news TV also provides all the news about other topics as well including fashion, sports, entertainment, politics, etc. through Royal news HD live streaming that captures the interest of general public.

Apart from Royal news HD headlines this channel also keeps an eye on other interests of people to convey them all the essential information about politics and other facts through fun. So it introduced and plays certain shows that you can watch and be benefited along with having fun. There are many favorite shows on Royal News TV Lahore hosted by Pakistan’s famous journalists and anchors including Live with Naveed Satti, Issue of the day, The Zafri show, Awaam Ki Adalat, Cross view, Royal café, Bakamal log, Hum dekhte hain, Hum kon hain, Hard beat and Unscripted with Kamran Saqi. In the morning you can enjoy their morning show “Royal Morning” to avoid all the boredom that gather you while in the morning.

Not only Royal news TV is presenting you different shows and providing with Royal news HD headlines, but along with it, they are also working on various projects including Leads Cable Network. Another project is Urdu daily newspaper which is best for the population who still prefers print media and loves to read. Royal express traveling services in the country are also available which another project of Royal News TV is. Leads University, as well as Leads school and colleges, were even started by them which have now grown and have become quite popular across the country.


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