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Rakhwala Mohabbat Ka (2017)  Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Kamal Hasan | Latest Dubbed Movie
Rakhwala Mohabbat Ka (2017) Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Kamal Hasan | Latest Dubbed Movie

Rakhwala Mohabbat Ka (2017) – Movie Information

Language: Hindi Dubbed

Country: India (South Indian)

Cast: Kamal Hassan, Sumithra, Khusboo


The film starts with Singaravelan a.k.a. Velan (Kamal Hassan), on his birthday taming a wild bull by just talking to him. He seems to share a special bond with animals as he works in his farm filled with animals. Later that day, his mother, Parvathy (Sumithra), calls him and decides to tell him the truth about his father. Velan, in his hyper imagination, thinks that his father was killed by four goons (as is the case of many Tamil films then) but soon learns that his father did actually die of a brain illness like he had been told before. But, he had died heartbroken that his marriage with Velan’s mother was not accepted by her sister-in-law and they had broken all links. Further, they believe that it was Parvathy’s curse that killed them in a car accident and they get promise from the guardian, that their daughter should not be married to Parvathy’s son. Velan’s mother reveals that it is Velan’s duty to get married to her brother’s daughter Sumathi (Khusboo) to bring the separated family back together. Armed with only a picture of the girl when she was four, he leaves for Madras to fulfill his mother’s wishes.

Velan arrives to Mano’s home to implement his mission. Mano lives with three more roommates: Charlie, Vadivelu and Goundamani. Velan greets them and explains his mission. All of them find the reason weird but still offer to help him.

The next day, they visit a computer centre where the clerk generates an image of the teenage Sumathi. Velan tries to find her in the city but Madras proves to be too big for him. Bored, he and his friends visit the beach to think for a plan. Surprisingly, they find a woman playing tennis to be Sumathi, the girl they search for. Someone hits the ball into the sea and Sumathi, who goes to fetch the ball, and Velan goes to help her. But he accidentally drowns her but manage to pull an unconscious Sumathi out of the water. When she becomes conscious, she blames him for drowning her as she didn’t need any help as she was a trained long distance swimmer. Despite his friends’ advice to drop the love for Sumathi due to her arrogant nature, Velan proceeds with next step of his mission as a challenge.

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