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    The Sindh Cabinet took a difficult but historical decision on February 26th, 2019 and decided

    Sindh Cabinet Hikes Doctors’ Allowance At Par With Punjab

    Sindh Government Hikes 'Doctors’ Allowance The Sindh Cabinet took a difficult but historical decision and decided to bring...

    Healthy Foods That Boost Energy

    Foods to boost Stamina naturally Plain Yogurt Sugar isn’t all bad, but when...
    Junior doctors in Sindh led by the Young Doctors Association (YDA) reverted back to protesting on Wednesday.

    Thousand patients suffer as young doctor go on strike again in...

    Thousand patients suffer as young doctors go on strike Junior doctors in Sindh led by the Young Doctors...

    No-Tobacco Policy for New Workers in Ohio City

    There will be no random testing for nicotine or tobacco Job candidates will be tested and those with...



    Measles Killing Congo

    Measles kill more people in DR Congo than Ebola

    Only $2.5 million has been raised out of the $8.9 million required for the Health Cluster response plan
    Boost Heart Health

    Intense light may boost heart health

    The research also suggests that this procedure could benefit humans, and the researchers outline the reason why. This...
    Lung Cancer

    Lung cancer: Feeling a pain in these body parts when breathing could mean you...

    If the cancer is diagnosed at an earlier stage, then treatment is more likely to be effective For...


    blood sugar

    Worst Foods With Prediabetes

    Prediabetes is a condition in which your blood sugar is chronically high
    inflammatory bowel disease

    Crohn’s Disease Patient Seemingly Cured by Vegetarian Diet

    Crohn’s is a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

    How Excess Weight Really Affects Cancer Risk

    Cancer is blamed on viruses, radiation, toxins, and dozens of other causes.
    angina diagnosis

    Heart Problems May Hasten Cognitive Decline

    This was true whether patients had suffered a heart attack or they...
    Alziehmer Disease

    Healthy Living Can Cut Odds for Alzheimer’s in People at Genetic Risk

    Healthy living appeared to reduce the chances of developing the disease by...


    wound infections

    Avoid Floodwaters to Prevent Injury Illness Oklahoma health officials say

    Officials say exposure to contaminated water can cause wound infections OKLAHOMA CITY – Health officials are reminding Oklahomans...
    E Cigrette Lungs Illness

    CDC probes lung illnesses linked to e-cigarette use

    There was no evidence that an infectious disease was behind the illnesses Patients experienced coughing, shortness of...


    gestational diabetes

    Mediterranean Diet Can Help Reduce Risk of Gestational Diabetes

    The Mediterranean diet led to a significantly lower risk of gestational diabetes The eating plan recommended a high...

    Climate Change Could Increase the Risk of Malaria in Colder Areas

    The findings of the study were published in the journal Biology Letters. Malaria is considered a tropical disease...
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    Measles Killing Congo

    Measles kill more people in DR Congo than Ebola

    Only $2.5 million has been raised out of the $8.9 million required for the Health Cluster response plan
    oral steroids

    Oral Steroids up Infection Risk in People With Inflammation

    The researchers found higher risks of infection when patients were taking oral steroids The risk of infection increased...
    women's brain

    Women’s brains appear years younger than men´s

    women's brain WASHINGTON: Women tend to outlive men and stay mentally sharp longer A new study out...
    weight loss.

    Best Exercises for Weight Loss

    Exercise is one of the cornerstones for weight loss. According to Self magazine, you have to eat right, make...
    Immune systems

    Herbs and Spices That Make You Feel Better

    Immune systems weakens and leaves us feeling under the weather. Did you know that when you are not...

    Nutrition as Your Recipe for Good Health

    Scientists and healthcare workers have been battling with the problem of ideal weight for ages. A woman of...
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