Knead the dough lightly with floured hands till it is soft and flexible enough to be used.

Now, dust the table with some flour and use a rolling pin and roll out to 2-3 mm thickness.

Gingerbread cookies

Use a baking knife or a cookie cutter to cut out little house shaped cookies and bake them at 175°C, about 5-8 minutes depending upon the size of the cookie.

Let the batter cool completely.

Stir together the powdered white sugar and drops of lemon juice in a small bowl for mixing.

Use a small amount of juice and keep sprinkling more lemon drops until the decoration reaches a fine piping evenness.

Your mixture should be dense enough that it will not drip during the piping process but it should not be so concentrated that you can’t squeeze it through a piping bag.

Now, transfer icing to piping bag and cut a small hole in the bag for the piping. Garnish the cookies with some decoration and let the frosting harden before putting the cookies on the cake.

Gingerbread cookies

Beat butter and powdered sugar until the mixture is quite soft and fluffy.

Now, add the cream cheese and vanilla essence and beat hard until it is just smooth. Add the orange zest.

Put the black sesame seeds and maple syrup in a mortar and pestle.

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Crush and grind the seeds until a thick paste is formed. Stir the thick paste into the icing.

If the frosting seems too soft, place the bowl in the fridge while you prepare ahead for the next stages.

Using a serrated knife, put both cake layers in half so you can obtain four cake layers.

Put the first cake layer on a cake board or directly on top of a cake stand.

Spread a layer of cake coating on the first layer of the cake. Repeat this until all the layers have been used up properly.

Spread a slight layer of icing all over the cake.

Place the cake in the fridge for a couple of minutes if the frosting is too, too soft.

Place the blueberry powder and baking soda in a small bowl and stir in some water and let it stand for a few minutes and finally, add to the remaining frosting.

Stir until all of it is smooth.

Cover the cake with the remaining cake coating and decorate it with the gingerbread cookies.

I usually place toothpicks from behind the cookies, on top of the cake to get them to stand still.

Dust with powdered sugar to imitate the snowy effect, to give a more dramatic feel to the gingerbread village cake and enjoy it!

This is how to make gingerbread cookies.

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