24 news Hd channel is an Urdu language channel dealing with all the current affairs that are going on in Pakistan and all over the world. It was launched in the year 2015 and is owned by City News Network. They have their specific slogan that says “Har Izhaar Qabil-e-Aitbaar Ba khabar 24 ghantey” which is their motto and precisely what they serve our population with by keeping an eye on all the issues and incidents going on within and outside the country. To know about all those incidents watch online 24 news HD live and through 24 news live today you will see every news without worrying if you don’t have television around cause all of it is available online! Headquarters of 24 news Hd channel are present in city Lahore, Pakistan.

24 news live HD has many shows you might be aware of and are liked by people around Pakistan. Some of the displays of 24 news live today are Anjaam, Breakfast with Sajjad Mir, Investigator 24, Nasim Zehra @28 and Ab Masood Raza kay sath. There are many renowned and famous journalists and anchors, and you can find them all with quality analysis when you watch online 24 news hd live. Channel 24 provides its viewers with all the new review in 24 news live headlines and discussions unlike the traditional news channels standing as a unique platform for the people in Pakistan. Not only people in the country but around the globe due to the widespread network of 24 news live hd in Washington, New York, Dubai, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, and Islamabad so all the Asian population out there can be benefited and updated.

24 live news headlines are available 24/7 from all the cities of Pakistan. You need not worry about as you will be updated about city situations every next hour as their main focus is to enlighten and keep their viewers updated. Much recent news like about the boy with the melodious voice in one of the schools in Faisalabad, police officers firing violently and many other incidents happening in Faisalabad are presented by 24 news live Faisalabad. Not only this but all the latest issues you come to hear about that are happening in other big cities like Lahore and Karachi are discussed and viewed by 24 news live Lahore and 24 news live Karachi.

Few channels are linked with 24 news like city 41, city 42, UK 44 and Rohi broadcasting from different corners of the world providing all of its viewers with all the political issues that are going on in the country. It is most active during elections as well as reporting every single problem in a comprehensive way to all of the people around the globe. 24 news live Karachi, and 24 news live Lahore are all discussed included politics, sports, entertainment, government, public incidents, etc. and other programs full of information are presented to the viewers.


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